Friday, March 14, 2008

Development: The Tower at the Stutz

The Tower at the Stutz facts:
  • Location: SE corner of 11th St. and Senate Ave.
  • Height: 18 stories
  • Use: mixed (retail, parking, office, condos), LEED certified
  • Prospects: has been an owner "vision" for several years; recently released renderings (below); webpage states "Anticipated completion in 2010."
A building currently sits on the site proposed for this tower. It's essentially a blank box, painted to match the rest of the Stutz complex but lacking any architectural or historical significance.


rodney said...

Does that rendering really say "Stutz Tower" in giant italicized letters across the front of the parking garage?

Welcome to 1950. If they got rid of that it wouldn't be bad, especially if they can sustain all those trees.

bhorg said...

the NW quad needs all the help it can get.

Anonymous said...

This would reinforce the cluster of mid-rise office and apartment buildings between along I-65.

The twin spires are a nice nod to/echo of the Chase Tower.

I wonder if the typeface is the same as the original Stutz motorcar logo? That would be a nice touch.

CorrND said...

Two thoughts I've had regarding the design:

1. If you look at the SW corner of the building, there appears to be a main entrance. They extended some of the main entrance element up across the parking levels. Why not wrap that all the way around the parking level to hide it a little better?

2. In isolation, I think the coloring of the tower is fine, but it really doesn't match the rest of the complex at all. I'm not saying this tower needs to be done up in yellow brick, but some nod to the context would be nice (e.g. a matching green accent of some sort on the lower retail and parking levels).

& DAGGER said...

I like this building. I think it's going to look impressive right next to the highway. I already like the way the medical building at the north end of the canal rises right next to the highway. The Stutz Tower will continue the effect.

I don't mind the signage. It's not italicized, by the way. I would prefer "The Stutz" over "Stutz Tower." It's redundant. We know it's a tower! And I agree using the the original Stutz logotype would be a nice touch.

They've altered it a bit, but the Stutz Artist logo uses the original stutz logo as inspiration:

I think that treatment would look hip, if not a bit funky, on the building.

thefens said...

I'm not crazy about the building. It seems to be too self-conciously modern and it really doesn't fit with the historic yellow brick that surrounds it and gives it its name. I don't want to see a yellow brick monstrosity, but like corrnd said, a nod to the historic buildings would be nice.

Anonymous said...

"Self-consciously modern" would be a good thing in Indianapolis.

Stutz complements the horizontal aspects of both the Stutz factory building and the Chase Tower and the vertical reach of Chase while not being too derivative. It honors the lines and grid of the Stutz, a feature which stands in contrast to the Library addition, an "unselfconsciously-modern" building.

So to me, and largely for that reason, it looks just fine tucked in the corner of the Stutz but made of completely different materials.

The new spires sprouting on the old building, however, don't belong. Although I think I'd like the giant "Stutz" off the tower base and on the factory roof instead. In red or white neon.

Anthony Bullard said...

In reference to the spires on top of the Stutz, please realize that these are not just architectural accoutrement. They are actually a new style wind-power generator(a modern version of a windmill), their shape allows the wind to catch hold of it and spin it no matter the direction of the mind, and to act on the entire surface of the design. These I assume will be used to help power the building's common areas and help the developer to get the LEED certification that they so covet. I think that it is simply coincidence or luck that they were able to design the two windmills in an orientation that echoes that of the Chase Tower.

Anonymous said...

corrnd, I don't think the southwest corner is the main entrance, but it looks like it is the entrance to parking garage. The main entrance appears to be on the north side of the building.

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