Saturday, March 8, 2008

Beer: Kentucky Devil Breakfast Dancer

Apparently Founders Devil Dancer and Kentucky Breakfast Stout have silently trickled into Indy. These are both limited release beers, particularly the Kentucky Breakfast Stout, a regular on many beer rankings around the internet. Kahn's has 4-packs of Devil Dancer (self-classified as a "Triple IPA)" for $15.50. And if you ask really nicely, you can get a couple bottles of Kentucky Breakfast Stout from their "secret stash." They'll set you back $6.50 per 12oz. bottle, but this beer is both rare and incredible.

In even more interesting news, BadaBoomz will be getting an entire keg of Devil Dancer. Their kegs from Cavalier Distributing regularly arrive on Thursdays, but they're so excited about it that they may send someone to personally pick up the keg from Cavalier on Tuesday. They'll be putting it on one of their two hand-pull taps.

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rodney said...

Apparently the Hop Shop conveniently "lost" our name off the list for Kentucky Breakfast Stout when we called on Saturday morning (I'm a little bitter). Luckily we picked up the last 2 from the Parti Pak. I guess the secret is out down there!