Monday, March 17, 2008

Beer: St. Patty's at BadaBoomz

Just wanted to quickly mention that BadaBoomz is having a St. Patrick's Day party tonight. They'll have corned beef and cabbage along with brand new kegs of Schlafly Irish Stout and another Irish stout called O'mmegang Stout from (normally) Belgian brewery Ommegang. Commenters Rodney and Jessica also tell me that BadaBoomz has received their keg of Founders Devil Dancer Triple IPA. See BadaBoomz full beer list here (updated as of 3/15).


Jim said...

Wish I could join you. Enjoy that Schlafly's stout--'tis good stuff!

Jason said...

Went at lunch. The corned beef and cabbage was really good. I would also say the Schlafly's stout and the Devil Dancer were good too, but I won't because I shouldn't drink at lunch, even if it is St. Paddy's Day.


CorrND said...

Our table agreed that the Schlafly's Irish Stout was very tasty but misnamed. We all thought Irish stouts were generally supposed to be dry and the Schlafly was definitely not dry. No complaints, all glasses were emptied regardless.

Too bad they didn't have the O'mmegang Stout, though that gives me a good excuse to go back soon!

Jim said...

That Schlafly Irish Stout is definitely not dry. Tastes more like an oatmeal stout to me, and an excellent one at that.

On NPR Monday, several Irish immigrants to the U.S. who were interviewed said that no one in Ireland eats corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day, or on any other day for that matter.

rodney said...

We stopped by and talked to Mike briefly as we left on Monday. He said he's pissed about the Ommegang not showing up and so is their distributor. He proceeded to say he was going to send it back if it ever showed up and we urged him to keep it. He then calmed down a bit and said he would send out an email if it ever shows up.

I'm still crossing my fingers.