Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Photos: The Di Rimini Construction Update

Sarojo Commons -- the working name for a low-rise student apartment building currently under construction on the southeast corner of Capitol and St. Clair -- has been renamed The Di Rimini. According to the website, every unit will be 2BR with both furnished and unfurnished options. Here are some photos of the on-going construction process:

Looking east at the Capitol Ave. frontage.

Looking east along the St. Clair St. frontage.

Detail of the ground floor stone facade.


John M said...

I wonder where they came up with the name. My great-grandparents were from Rimini, a city in Italy. Perhaps instead of a 1980s "canyon creek" look, Oliver Garden is the correct reference (actually, I don't think the stone looks all that bad, although it is an unusual choice for an urban setting).

Anonymous said...

So far this looks like a slightly less terrible version of that abhorrent disaster on meridian or capital, you know which one i'm talking about.