Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photo: JW Marriott at Night


Matt Heidelberger is right -- night shots are hard (this link goes to an interview with Matt that is worth checking out). I tried capturing some shots of the JW Marriott at dusk and ended up with this one shot that seems worthy of posting. Note the reflection of the Capitol in the upper-left corner.


Unknown said...

Night shots can be quite frustrating; this one turned out well. Just curious, how fast was the shutter speed, and the camera that was used?

CorrND said...

Oh, you're going to embarrass me Matt! Nah, just kidding. I use a Canon point and shoot, A590IS. I have no clue about shutter speed -- I leave that stuff to the camera!

I really don't view my photos as artistic endeavors. I'm really just trying to capture a moment in time as things change around downtown (one of my earliest goals, and I haven't done it much, was to create groupings from the same vantage point, like the Cosmo pairing I did recently). If I get something cool looking, it's all luck!