Thursday, March 5, 2009

Photo: Indianapolis Skyline from the Southwest


Unknown said...

I love that side of the Block building - I miss living there!

thundermutt said...

That's a downtown!

Off topic, sort of:

I've been struck recently by a similarity between Indy's skyline (as viewed from Michigan St. on the Near East Side, around the prison) and the AT&T "more bars in more places" motif. At the right spot on Michigan, there is a skyline pattern that looks like this:


Indy has only four "bars" but it's still kind of funny to see after all those TV commercials where it's obviously done by digital manipulation.

CorrND said...

I noticed the four bars the other day while checking out the new bike path on Michigan. Cool observation!

After looking at this picture for about the 50th time, I realized just how bland and beige the skyline is from this angle. Cool and dense, but BLAND!

Naibun Ra said...

Nice !! I'll be moving there in a month. Some people try to knock Indy downtown on skyline rating blogs/forums, but I like it, it's neat and organized,and the material of the buildings is sweet!

Judging midwestern cities everybody always got to pull chicago out their @$$ "Chicago,Chicago" dont get me wrong chi-town is nice but we are talking about the 3rd largest city in the U.S.

Anyway, nice photo,I see where Thundermutt mentions the near eastside and Michigan St, how ironic thats exactly where I'll be staying off of Michigan and oxford.