Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Photos: Cosmopolitan on the Canal Construction Update

If you stumbled upon this post looking for information about the Cosmopolitan fire on March 12, 2009, information and photos can be found here and here.

Looking South on Senate, Watermark
Condos in the foreground-right.
Last week they started pouring concrete for some of the canal-level structures. Unfortunately, it's pretty tough to get any pictures of it with the construction barriers in place. Once it begins to rise above the barriers, I'll post some pictures. See earlier renderings, construction photos and information here.


Anonymous said...

I just walked by on the canal the other appears all the real construction has been on the Senate/Michigan corner. I didn't even see footings down by the canal.

Anthony Bullard said...

Thank you so much for these pics, though I think a shot down Michigan could help establish the scale of this project in reference to everything else at that intersection.

CorrND said...

thundermutt -- Agreed, Senate/Michigan is definitely 95% of the action. What I saw along the canal was relatively small, maybe a 3-4' high wall with some rebar sticking out along the border with the Historic Landmarks building. It wasn't really worthy of being photographed yet, even if the barriers didn't make it tough to do so.

speedblue -- I'll see what I can do. Maybe I'll grab shots from all four directions at about two blocks away.