Monday, September 24, 2007

Welcome to DIG-B

Hello and welcome to DIG-B! I know, I know, you're all wondering what the hell that beautiful acronym is. On the surface, I thought it sounded pretty cool, and maybe vaguely Irish. I'm part Irish, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

But basically this blog is about my three passions. Let's break it down:

DI - Development in Indy. From time to time, I like to get out and take pictures of buildings under construction in Indianapolis. I'm no professional photographer, but I figure it's a fun way to capture the booming and rapidly changing face of downtown Indianapolis. I'll use this blog to post my pictures along with some exceptionally thin commentary. In the beginning, there will mainly be "current status" posts, but in the future -- as my photo collection grows -- I hope to make more "before-and-after" or "time lapse" posts.

G - Gear. I'm a HUGE geek. Big techie. Love computers and gadgets. I update my computers all the time and almost always have some project or object (of my desire) on the horizon. I'll keep you updated on the projects I want to do and review how things work out in the end.

B - Beer. I have a growing passion for beer. The midwest is blessed with some of the best breweries in the country, so I consider myself very lucky and take advantage of that fact as much as I can. This blog will serve as my beer diary.

Lafayette Brewing Company apparently brews a seasonal beer called Digby's Irish Stout, so I've already got potential product tie-ins going for this blog! Nice.

If any or all of this sounds interesting to you, I hope to see you back here often at DIG-B!


Unknown said...

Hey I dig B as in beer too! Have fun with this blog thingy.


CorrND said...

Thanks for stopping by moby! I should have my first beer post up in a day or two.

CorrND said...

ignore....Testing what my posting name comes up as....ignore

Jason said...

Glad to see you have a blog up and running! Development, gear, and beer...very unique. Hope to see you at a Beer Geek event again.