Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Development: Downtown Definitions

I've got a post brewing about downtown restaurants, but part of my post depends on the various definitions for "downtown" Indianapolis. Here's what I think (feel free to write in the comments section if you think I'm off on any of these):

Central Business District (CBD)
  • N: New York St.
  • E: Delaware St.
  • S: Washington St.
  • W: Capitol St.
The core of office buildings downtown. A handful of large office buildings are outside this area – the Simon Building, City-County Building, and 300 N Meridian – though they all touch the border of the CBD. Monument Circle, representing the center of the city, is within this area.

Mile Square
  • N: North St.
  • E: East St.
  • S: South St.
  • W: West St.
The original 10-block-by-10-block platting of Indianapolis by Alexander Ralston. As each block downtown is almost exactly 0.1 miles in length, 10-blocks-by-10-blocks is 1-mile-by-1-mile or 1 square mile. Hence, the “Mile Square.”

This definition differs from the CBD by beginning to add the arts/entertainment/retail sectors of downtown. Circle Centre Mall, the southern end of Mass Ave and the Wholesale District are now included, in addition to the RCA Dome, Conseco Fieldhouse and the Indiana Convention Center.

Downtown Loop
  • N: I65
  • E: I65/I70
  • S: I70
  • W: White River
Perhaps the most typical definition of downtown. Adds the campus of IUPUI, the northern end of Mass Ave. as well as the Lockerbie Square, St. Joseph, Chatham Arch, Fletcher Place and Ransom Place neighborhoods.

Regional Center
  • N: 16th St.
  • E: I65/I70
  • S: I70
  • W: Beltway RR
The “official,” though least often cited, definition of downtown. Used for official reporting of downtown statistics. Adds the Old Northside neighborhood, Biocrossroads area and the Indianapolis Zoo.


bhorg said...
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bhorg said...
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bhorg said...

The northern end of Mass Ave and IUPUI campus are the same distance from circle as Fountain Square thus the obvious need to include the great restaurants of FS in downtown dining.

CorrND said...

Excellent point. I was trying to go with the most "official" definitions for downtown that I could think of, but for the purposes of this restaurant post, I agree with the need to include Fountain Square at some level.

The problem is where to draw the line on FS.

I have a hard time including FS in the "Downtown Loop" since it's so obviously outside the boudary that defines the loop. But what about including FS in the "Regional Center" as "Virginia Ave to the intersection with Shelby and Prospect, as well as a 4 block radius from that intersection?" That should capture most FS restaurants (including obvious FS establishments like Santorini's) without the definition getting too out of hand.

bhorg said...

Yeah, good call. I wouldn't consider anything else beyond that anyway.

I think the quad map posted on SSC goes along with my general feeling of downtown although it's pretty northwest heavy.

I think once FS really hits it's stride it will definitely be connected/associated with DT more.. It's kind of the trashy cousin right now... and I love it. :)